About Us - CNC Masters Calibrate

At CNC Masters Calibrate, we bring over three decades of unwavering expertise in the precision CNC machine tool industry to redefine the landscape of calibration services in Canada and US. With a distinguished legacy that began under the banner of Sri Raghavendra Calibrators, we continue our journey of excellence under the new identity of CNC Masters Calibrate.


Your Partner in Precision:

At the heart of our services lies a passion for perfection. As a leading provider of on-site calibration, Ballbar diagnostic testing, and geometrical accuracy measurement services for all types of CNC machines, we stand as your ultimate partner in achieving unparalleled precision and operational excellence.

Rooted in Experience:

Our journey is a testament to over 30 years of relentless commitment to high-precision CNC machine tool building and after-sales support. Our founder’s journey includes key roles at industry giants such as Aerospace, where intricate processes for nuclear, aerospace, defense, and industrial applications were meticulously developed.

What Sets Us Apart:

We don’t just calibrate machines; we engineer accuracy. Our services encompass comprehensive geometrical accuracy measurements – from machine tool levels and worktable flatness to axis movement straightness and worktable parallelism. With a keen eye for detail, we ensure squareness between working axes, leaving no room for compromise.

Analyzing, Advising, Achieving:

We don’t stop at calibration. Our seasoned experts meticulously analyze calibration results, offering recommendations to enhance your machine’s operational style. Moreover, we stand by your side to identify and implement preventative measures, safeguarding your drive system from further damage.

Elevating Industry Standards:

Our founder’s career has left an indelible mark, from roles at Collins Aerospace to pivotal leadership in diverse projects across the globe. From North Carolina to Japan, our journey reflects the caliber and dedication we bring to every client interaction.

Your Path to Precision Starts Here:

When you choose CNC Masters Calibrate, you’re choosing a partner that embodies experience, expertise, and excellence. Contact us today to embark on a journey that transforms your CNC machines into veritable instruments of precision. We are more than just a service; we are your gateway to enhanced accuracy, improved performance, and operational brilliance.

Our Journey, Your Assurance:

From Aerospace to groundbreaking nuclear power plant projects, our founder’s career path encapsulates innovation and reliability. We bring this rich tapestry of experience to your doorstep, ensuring that each calibration we perform is a symphony of accuracy and mastery.

Join the CNC Masters Calibrate Family:

As we transition from Sri Raghavendra Calibrators to CNC Masters Calibrate, we embrace a renewed commitment to empowering Canada’s CNC industry. Join us on this remarkable journey as we set new standards for precision, innovation, and lasting partnerships.

Your pursuit of precision, our passion for perfection – CNC Masters Calibrate.